SFDI 2020 is a workshop held in conjunction with VLDB 2020. It aims at fostering discussion, exchange, and innovation in research and development in software foundations for data interoperability as well as the applications in real-world systems such as data markets. SFDI 2020 invites not only people from the database community but also researchers and professionals from programming language, software engineering, distributed computing, and natural language processing to share their knowledge and experience. For example, bidirectional transformation has been intensively studied in both database and programming language communities to address the view update problem, and a recent trend is to use bidirectional transformation for data sharing and data interoperability in P2P networks. In addition, many machine learning and natural language processing models have been utilized for data management, especially for data integration tasks. We thus hope to bring together academia and industry people in related areas for the discussion of challenges and technical solutions to software foundations of data interoperability. SFDI 2020 solicits full and short research papers describing preliminary and ongoing research results.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Submission Guidelines

All aspects of the submission and notification process will be handled electronically. Submissions must adhere to the paper formatting instructions. Research papers will be judged for quality and relevance through single-blind reviewing, where authors MUST include their names and affiliations on the manuscript cover page. Submissions should be uploaded at CMT.

Important Dates

Conflict of Interest

To minimize biases in the evaluation process, we use CMT's conflict management system, through which authors should flag conflicts with PC members. All authors of a submission must declare conflicts on CMT prior to the submission deadline. Papers with incorrect or incomplete conflict of interest information as of the submission closing time are subject to immediate rejection.

A paper author has a conflict of interest with a PC member when, and only when, one or more of the following conditions holds:

Duplicate Submissios and Novelty Requirement

A research paper submitted to SFDI 2020 cannot be under review for any other publishing forum or presentation venue, including conferences, workshops, and journals, during the time it is being considered for SFDI 2020. Every research paper submitted to SFDI 2020 must present substantial novel research not described in any prior publication. In this context, a prior publication is (a) a paper presented, or accepted for presentation, at a refereed conference or workshop with proceedings; or (b) an article published, or accepted for publication, in a refereed journal.

Length, File Type, and Formatting

Presentation and Dissemination

Accepted papers will be orally presented at SFDI 2020 and plan to be published in Springer CCIS series.